Hello. My name is Craig Akehurst. I am a digital designer and this is some of my work. I graduated in 2007 with a first class degree in ĎAnimation and Interactive Mediaí from the University of Gloucestershire in Cheltenham. Pretty much since then I have been working in London with clients including Paramount, Disney, Universal and ESPN. Unfortuately, due to these big companies copyrights I am unable to put a lot of the work I have produced onto my site, so this is a portfolio of my freelance and self initiated work. However I have recently started working at Tommy, a fairly new digital design agency with big plans. Hopefully I will have some Tommy work up here soon.


Email me: craig@electricweekend.com

Coming Soon

I have a few more features I want to add to my site at some point:
- Links to my favourite sites
- Pages from my Moleskine
- My Dissertation
- More projects
- Feeds
- Various other exciting things

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